Embracing Body Positivity
03 Jan 2024
Body Positivity

Loving the Skin You're In: Embracing Body Positivity 


As the new year rings in, many of us set unrealistic fitness goals or restrict our diets in an attempt to achieve an idealised body image. Social media often perpetuates the myth that our worth is tied to our waistline or the number on the scale. Yet true beauty lies not in chasing an elusive standard, but in celebrating the incredible vessel we each inhabit.  

Our bodies enable us to experience all the wonders of life - to laugh, love, learn and grow. Though the exterior may weather with time, our inner light remains undimmed. Rather than obsessing over perceived imperfections, we can shift the narrative to one of self-acceptance, respect and care. 


Signs You May Lack Body Positivity
You frequently criticise small details when you look in the mirror, berating yourself for that tiny bulge or stretch mark instead of seeing your body as a whole. Rather than dressing to feel comfortable, you hide behind oversized, baggy clothes so others can't see the parts of yourself that you judge. Your mood sinks when you try on clothes that don't fit the same. Seeing images of models and influencers on social media who fit conventional beauty standards has you feeling envious, worthless, and ashamed of your own body in comparison. Even one minor slip up from your diet or exercise plan has you beating yourself up mentally, correlating reaching fitness targets with your value as a person. 


Consequences of Lacking Body Positivity
Living with constant negative self-talk about your weight or appearance can slowly erode your confidence and self-esteem over time. You may opt out of social situations, hobbies, or activities you once enjoyed because feeling self-conscious about your looks causes too much distress. Poor body image and repeated criticism of yourself can sink into a destructive spiral of harsh dieting, excessive exercise regimens, and disordered eating. Entire days are wasted obsessing over real or imagined flaws. Withdrawing socially and emotionally to hide from judgement slowly breeds loneliness and risks spiralling into anxiety, depression, and even self-harm.    


If any of this sounds familiar, know that you deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin. Body positivity is about more than just tolerating our looks - it’s the radical act of adorning ourselves with compassion. 


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Here are 5 simple ways to start practise body positivity:     


1. Acknowledge Your Inner Critic

Notice when that critical voice pipes up commenting on a muffin top or wrinkle. Simply acknowledge them with friendliness and re-direct your attention to uplifting affirmation about your uniqueness. 


2. Focus on What You Like About Yourself

Make a list celebrating all the things your body lets you experience and accomplish on a daily basis, as well as physical attributes you appreciate about yourself. Refer to it often. 


3. Do Not Compare Your Body to Others

Remember that all bodies are different and uniquely beautiful in their own way. Comparisons on social media often represent a tiny fraction of reality. 


4. Surround Yourself With Inspiration

Follow people across the spectrum of body types championing self-love. Read authors spreading the message that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Discover the vast and glorious variety of human forms. 


5. Focus on Function Rather Than Form

Tune into all the remarkable tasks your body accomplishes and express gratitude for the way it sustains you each day. Relish your mobility, strength, and health. 

This year, let’s broaden our horizons by celebrating bodies of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. For beauty is not simply a jean size or cheekbone ratio. It’s the courage to look in the mirror and finally see your own radiance staring back. 

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