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Mindside is a care model funded by the Ministry of Health Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT) as part of the General Practitioner Innovation initiative (GPII) which provides accessible mental healthcare within the community, for the community. We match individuals at risk of developing anxiety and/ or depressive disorders with resources and mental healthcare practitioners in the community

Free and Quick Clinical tools
Take a free, anonymous, online screening test (PHQ-4) which is clinically validated to know if you need professional help.

Screen yourself, a family member or a friend for anxiety and depression disorders. You can also use the clinical tools to understand more about your mental health.

Get personally linked to one of our community healthcare providers
Get personally linked to one of our community healthcare providers and mental health professionals like Northeast Medical Group mental health trained GPs, and our inhouse Mindside mental health counsellor.

The right therapist makes all the difference in your recovery journey. Mindside helps to link you up with the right support and the right mental health provider in our community.

Consultation fees reduced due to Government subsidies
Here at Mindside, we understand that high consultation fees could be one of the reasons why some might delay seeking mental health treatments. Hence, with the aid of Government subsidies, we aim to provide more accessible mental health services to everyone who needs it.

For further information on costs, speak to our partner GPs today.
Online Screening Tool
We also provide a mental health online toolkit to aid healthcare providers with clinically validated scoring tools for their documentation.
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